Text: Joyce J. Chansingh
Photos: Terris Chiang
Video: Tay Yixuan and Teng Siew Eng

Mike Kasem: The new voice of Class95

If you, like me, were the MTV-watching TV kid growing up in the 90s, here is the man with a famous last name you would certainly remember. And yes, his fun-loving, crazy personality and witty sense of humour from back then are still very much intact, even after 15 years in showbiz.

"Yeah, the business hasn't brought me down!" The latest addition to Class95FM team of deejays said with his signature big smile.

In case you think Mike Kasem is popping his proverbial cherry as a radio DJ, the former MTV Asia host is no radio rookie.

Having crossed over from TV to radio broadcasting in America some five years ago - the son of radio and music industry legend, Casey Kasem , who personified American music pop culture back in the 70s and 80s - Mike kickstarted his radio career subbing for his father's countdown shows and hasn't looked back since.

"I wished that I had gotten into radio 10 years ago," the 38-year-old told xinmsn. "The Kasem name is synonymous with radio and all of a sudden people's ears pricked up [when they hear Casey Kasem's son on radio]."

Indeed, this long overdue career switch coupled with the famous Kasem connection were the very reasons that brought Mike, who left Asia in 1999 after his MTV stint, back to Singapore shores for good.

Mike Kasem: The new voice of Class95

Calling it a move that "just happened out of the blue" - all thanks to a radio demo clip he posted on YouTube, which later got picked up by the radio station. And everything else just fell into place in less than two months.

"I really didn't picture myself coming back Singapore for work," Mike gushed. "Somebody showed [my demo clip] to Class95. They heard my radio demo and it's just kinda right up their alley!"

"The next thing I know I was in talks [with Class95], they offered me a great deal so I said "let's do it" and then I was on a plane to Asia!" He added, "Not only do I have friends here, Singapore is also a place where I established my own identity apart from my dad so I can't think of a better place to be than here."