Stefanie Sun

It's been more than eight months since local singer Stefanie Sun married her Dutch husband Nadim Van Der Ros.

It was reported that Nadim has started his own business -- Good Bean Consultancy -- at a prime location in Singapore, with a monthly rent of S$14,000.

Previously, Nadim worked in the sales sector when he was in Hong Kong and had worked in various companies after moving to Singapore.

Last year, Stefanie let on that she wanted to work with her husband, because they "have the same goal". It is known that Nadim has left his job since.

It is not known if Stefanie is the biggest shareholder of the company, or if she plans to quit showbiz for the business.

"We don't probe into Stefanie's private life. She hopes to keep a low profile too. When it comes to her music works, it was always about quality, and not quantity. She will be releasing a new album this year. We're confident that her fans are looking forward to it too," said Stefanie's record label.

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