Text and Photos: Joyce J. Chansingh
Videos: Fiona Lin and Tay Yixuan

Kumar, the one and only

Come next week, our famous drag queen will take to the stage at Esplanade with a re-run of his uproarious Kumar's Amazing Race - (back by popular demand!) where he spews and cracks the most outrageous jokes on growing up Indian here as well all things from "Motherland India".

But if, after all these years of his comedy digs and you still can't handle the royal diva's raunchy, no- holds-barred Indian idiosyncrasies, then Kumar would rather you not turn up at his shows. And nope, it's not like he's being haughty, it is just our beloved skinny Indian man telling it like it is.

"There are people who are sensitive and willing to laugh at others but not at themselves. My simple answer to them is - please don't come," Kumar said without missing a beat. "Because if you are not ready to laugh at yourself, I think you are not ready to even to go out of the house."

The 43-year-old comic veteran, who glamourises cross-dressing since the early 1990's at the now-defunct comedy and dance club the Boom Boom Room, deserves every right to be proud and upfront of his shows where Kumar dishes plenty of his regular brand of crass and wicked humour.

After all this was the man who's worked his way to becoming an icon of Singapore and even had ministers among the guests at his book launch last year.

Surprisingly, it is no walk in the park when it comes to staging a live show even if the veteran's done it like umpteenth times, as xinmsn found out when we caught up with Kumar at one of his rehearsals.

Kumar, the one and only

"Yes I still do get nervous coz for these [live] shows, you need to have technical cues and you can't miss it. So I usually pray first."

And, does he ever get burnt out from telling these never-ending jokes over and over again?

"I think my happiest moments are when I'm on stage. I enjoy being there and I feel lucky to be doing what I enjoy," he shared.