Hannah Quinlivan

No, I did not have plastic surgery.

That's what model Hannah Quinlivan declared on a Taiwanese variety show two days ago (Feb 12).

The model's childhood photos, depicting her with a round face, chubby cheeks, flat nose and small eyes, were published recently.

The pictures showed a visibly different Hannah, who currently sports a sharp chin, high nose and big eyes, raising speculations that she had gone under the knife.

During the recording of the programme, Hannah pinched her nose hard and pulled her chin and cheeks, to prove that she did not have any work done on her face.

When asked if rumoured boyfriend Jay Chou had seen her childhood photos, the model did not reply, but emphasised that she had lost weight through vigorous exercises.

Hannah also commented on her mother's appearance at Jay's new restaurant.

"She was there to help out during the Lunar New Year, and hasn't been there since," she said.

The model even promoted the shop, saying, "I love the tofu hot plate there. It's very delicious."

Hannah, who had just completed her university entrance exam, also expressed her hopes of entering Shih Hsin University.

When asked if she would participate in Jay's next movie, which is currently in pre-production, the model shook her head and said, "No."

Her agency added, "They're just friends. Currently, there are no plans [to work with Jay]."

Later, the host quizzed Jay's good friend Will Liu, who was also on the set of the recording, what his first impression of Hannah was.

"Very naïve and innocent," he said.

When asked if Hannah was compatible with Jay, Will said, "I don't know," before adding, "I really hope that he [Jay Chou] will have a happy marriage, but I don't think it's possible in the near future."