Feng Fei-fei

In honour of the late singer Feng Fei-fei, a temporary memorial hall has opened in her birthplace, Dasi Town within Taoyuan county of Taiwan.

The county's Cultural Affairs Bureau, which is in charge of setting up the memorial hall, said the venue would be divided into four different sections, showcasing her songs, videos, photographs and costumes.

The memorial hall would also be decorated with yellow flowers, a favourite of the Queen of Hats.

An observatory, with a standee of the late singer, was set up for fans to leave signatures and memo.

The memorial hall opens daily from 9am till 5pm, from now till April 8, 2012.

Besides the memorial hall, Taiwan's China Television Company had also begun recording a tribute programme, with eulogies from established television producer Wang Wei-zhong and singer Frankie Gao.

Young artistes, including Jam Hsiao will be performing the hits of the late singer.

Revisit the best moments of Feng Fei-fei's life with a special tribute programme on Ch8 this Sat (Feb 25), 10pm and next Tues (Feb 28), 8pm.

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