Lynn Xiong

Is this the end of the road for model Lynn Hung and Heavenly King Aaron Kwok?

After appearing at the opening of a watch boutique looking distraught, Lynn tweeted that she wants to return to the past.

While speaking to the press, Lynn claimed that singer Aaron Kwok is a friend while hoping that he will find his true love soon, despite their highly open relationship.

It is earlier reported that Aaron had openly denied that the diamond accessory she received on Valentine's Day was a gift from him.

Her statement on the event sparked speculations of relationship problem and both of them giving each other the cold shoulder.

Shortly after the event, Lynn tweeted, "Mr. Big gave Carrie a black diamond, claiming that she is exceptional to him. Right now I finally have my very own black diamond watch, [and] have become exceptional as well."

The model made references to a scene in the movie, Sex and the City 2, where Mr. Big gave protagonist Carrie Bradshaw a black diamond to save their marriage.

Lynn is believed to be at a loss and trying to find ways to salvage her existing relationship, from the last sentence in her entry, "If I put it on, can it turn back time?"