Ethan Ruan

The buzz surrounding Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan's military enlistment is still going strong.

A few days ago, the actor's comrade in the same military unit revealed that their camp had turned into a venue for autographs, after Ethan was enlisted.

"Everybody wants to meet him and talk to him," he said, adding that one person even requested Ethan to sign on every page of a new notebook, and the actor politely complied.

Ethan's popularity was also evident when an all-girl school held a barbeque near the camp site. "Ethan wore a mask, but many girls still noticed him. They shouted and took pictures," the comrade said.

Although Ethan's mates from camp were told not to take pictures with him, the actor still took a group picture with everyone.

The insider also shared that Ethan completed the 3km run in 12 minutes and 5 seconds. The average time others took to complete was about 16 to 17 minutes. The actor also received high marks for his baton-handling test.

The comrade then said that their superior had everyone write a two-page essay every night. While most of the recruits wrote only half a page or one page, Ethan would fill the two pages up.

The actor was said to be very serious in whatever he does, and was never seen dozing off during classes.

Ethan also volunteered to be part of the cleaning committee, in which he was "in charge of collecting their undergarments nightly".

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