George Young

Text: December Liow
Additional photos: FLY Entertainment

Actor and TV presenter George Young is not too happy about the fact that he gets to celebrate his birthday only once every four years.

The eight-year-old (in leap year terms) celebrated his birthday on the Feb 29.

In an email interview with xinmsn earlier, he lamented about how people, and even social networking sites like Facebook, will only remember his birthday on leap years.

To make matters worse, the Fly Entertainment artiste revealed that he had to film two Ch8 dramas, Joys of Life and Yours Fatefully, right before and after his birthday.

All thanks to his work, George did not have the time to plan for a big party on his birthday.

Find out more about George Young's birthday plans and his upcoming works below!

George Young

First of all a happy birthday to you! How are you going to spend your birthday?
I'm filming two different dramas concurrently at the moment, and yes - I'll be filming either side of my birthday. So what I think I'll do on my birthday is learn a lot of lines!

How many presents do you think you will receive... and from anyone special?
Funny you should mention that - I just received a bunch of presents from my fanclub - I'm not opening any of them until the 29th! (I have however been eating the two cakes they gave me...)

I also just received a present from my parents: a nice Star Trek t-shirt. My parents do like to embarrass me so... no, I love Star Trek and I'm proud of it.

What was the most special birthday present you had ever received? And what are you looking forward to receiving?
One of the most memorable was on my third birthday (twelve years old in normal years), when I was in sickbay in boarding school, and all my friends came up and sang me happy birthday. Will never forget that one.

And remember folks: the 29th Feb was traditionally the time women could propose to men. So...propose away! Hint: Gentlemen prefer diamonds.