Viewers who have seen the promos of upcoming thriller Kahaani might have gasped in fear before getting impressed on seeing the scene where a pregnant Vidya Balan gets pushed in the way of an oncoming Metro train. However, the Metro authorities of Kolkata are not so impressed with the makers of the film, it seems.

Sources claim that a day before the film Kahaani is to be released, Kolkata's Metro Rail Authorities have demanded that the concerned scene be deleted as they claim it shows the Metro in a bad light. Reportedly, Kolkata Metro Railway General Manager P.B. Murthy will watch the film today and take a call about the scene.

A Metro Railway spokesperson was quoted to have said, "We found the scene objectionable and wrote a letter to the film's director citing our objections to it. We requested him to delete the particular portion and withdraw the promos as it shows the Metro in a bad light."

In the past, railway authorities had objected to a scene in Ghulam, where Aamir Khan performed a death defying stunt involving a train. Moreover, Pankaj Kapur directed Mausam, which showed Shahid Kapoor cycling away past a railway crossing even as a speeding train hurtles towards him, also received flak from rail authorities.