Gigi Leung

It looks like Hong Kong singer-actress Gigi Leung will fulfill two of her dreams this year.

Gigi tied the knot with her Spanish boyfriend Sergio last October. The couple was almost inseparable after marriage and was always seen together. Previously, the actress expressed that she would prepare for pregnancy, once she completed her projects.

Yesterday, the media reported that Gigi is already two months pregnant, and that she is due to give birth this October. However, the singer, who had always wanted to hold a concert in Taiwan, is currently in the midst of preparing for the performance to be held in May.

Lately, the actress had been rejecting job offers, which ranged from movies to drama; she also changed her plan of releasing a full-length album, to releasing an EP.

When asked why she had done so, Gigi claimed that she wanted to get pregnant earlier, and to spend more time with her husband. The actress also scheduled her work on weekends, because she hoped that her husband could accompany her to work.

Gigi's manager responded to the pregnancy rumour, saying that everyone would be happy if Gigi is really pregnant, but she is "currently not [pregnant]".