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Aya posts photo of swelling tummy online

She takes all the pregnancy gossip in her stride


Taiwanese artiste Aya took on a light-hearted approach following news that she was three-months pregnant, posting photos of her swelling tummy on Weibo.

The 35-year-old host-turned-actress is three-months pregnant and has been maintaining a long-distance relationship with her American boyfriend, 45-year-old businessman, Tony, for the past six years. They only meet three to four times a year, and even broke up for a period of time last year.

Aya, who originally did not have any intentions to marry, changed her mind after her mother’s constant nagging.

When rumours of her pregnancy started to spread in January, she took it all in her stride.

Last night, in a ‘self-confession’ that she was expecting, Aya posted a photo on Weibo in which she posed as her own unborn child. “Today is my first time spending Valentine’s Day with mummy! Mummy feels so amazed that there’s a little one in her tummy! She’s wondering, how will I look like? Will I be a good child?” she wrote.

She also posed a photo which revealed her tummy, and added: “Don’t think too much mummy! Time will tell. The best Valentine’s Day is when there’s love in your heart!”

The mother-to-be is expected to give birth in August, and will deliver her baby in America and register the child as a US citizen. The child will be cared for by her fiancé’s family, and she will not be holding a wedding or baby shower in Taiwan.


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