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Aya shows off her large baby bump

Aya uploaded a picture of her belly at six months pregnant

Aya Liu Hanya

Following in the steps of buddies Barbie Hsu and Pace Wu, Taiwanese host Aya (Liu Hanya) will be the next to rise to the ranks of motherhood, and is slated to give birth in August.

Yesterday, Aya posted a picture of her bulging baby bump on Weibo, lamenting, “Pregnancy makes you fat and increases swelling, tiredness and soreness. Other than my stomach, my thighs, arms and back have also become thicker, just like Second Brother’s (Zhu Bajie in Journey to the West) figure.”

She joked that the reason why her friends claim that pregnant women are the prettiest is because of the way they don’t mind losing things that they like and feeling uncomfortable, just for the tiny life inside of them.

However, when she recalls her formerly slender form, the artiste is filled with determination to maintain her figure after childbirth. Hence, she’s using her old photos as encouragement to regain her flat tummy.

Currently, her belly is so swollen that a red line has appeared in the middle of it. Aya marveled: “So centre partings don’t apply only to hair, tummies have them too! This line in the middle of my belly becomes more obvious as my tummy grows bigger. My friend told me that the human body originally has a line down the middle; it’s just that you can’t see it until the skin of your stomach is stretched taut with pregnancy. Thankfully, it’ll go away after I give birth.”

She added laughingly, “My belly button is going to be stretched flat soon, haha!”

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Aya Liu Hanya

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