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Barbie Hsu gives birth to a girl

The Taiwanese star posted photos of her baby’s footprints online

Barbie Hsu

Not long after Mandopop singer Fish Leong gave birth to her son, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu followed suit yesterday, and gave birth to a baby girl.

Her newborn daughter was born at 3.30pm and weighs 3kg. But in a deliberate attempt to be mysterious, she told her assistant to tell reporters that she had not been admitted to the hospital yet.

Friends and family members only knew about her birth through her Weibo post at 4.53pm, which was a photo of her baby’s footprints with the comment: “Gave birth to a little girl! She’s safe and sound, thank God!”

Her husband Wang Xiaofei had reportedly wanted a girl, and now that his wish is fulfilled, he was so happy that he declared to his family and friends that his daughter looks like an angel. He posted on Weibo: “It’s been difficult for my wife; she did a good job! Both my beloved wife and daughter are healthy and safe. Thank you everyone for your concern!”

Dee Hsu, who accompanied her sister to hospital, told reporters: “I’m very moved! My sister did well! I think I was more nervous waiting for her to give birth than I was during my own childbirth!”

Other celebrities also sent their blessings and congratulatory notes to Barbie. Pace Wu, who has also recently given birth, has expressed her desire to take care of her goddaughter, while the six-month-pregnant Aya said that the little girl “would be a beauty in future”.

Singer Christine Fan also announced that she would visit Barbie and her little girl soon.

Barbie Hsu

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