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Barbie Hsu is expecting a baby girl

The Taiwanese actress verified that she is 18-weeks pregnant

Barbie Hsu

After announcing her pregnancy on Monday, 37-year-old Barbie Hsu verified that she is currently 18-weeks pregnant and expecting a girl.

As her husband Wang Xiaofei is the only son in the family, earlier reports claimed that Barbie has been under pressure to give birth to a boy. “What era are we in! My mother-in-law is very open-minded,” she retorted.

However, Xiaofei’s mother, Zhang Lan, has reportedly declined to look after the baby in future, citing her “getting on age” as reason.

Meanwhile, Xiaofei reiterated that the baby’s gender does not matter as long as the child is healthy. “We let nature take its course. I feel a greater sense of responsibility after becoming a dad,” he added.

While speaking to the media, Barbie described how her husband has been talking to the unborn baby in her tummy these days. “He often tells her to be obedient and that daddy loves her.”

The mum-to-be has also been taking light meals as she is prone to gastric problems if she eats too much in one sitting, due to the heavy amniotic fluid in her body. In addition, the couple, who has been going for regular prenatal check-ups, was said to be moved to tears when they first heard the baby’s heartbeat. Barbie’s expected delivery date is in May next year.

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Barbie Hsu

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