Monday, 06 January 2014 10:15

Barbie Hsu reveals pregnancy photos

The Taiwanese actress posts up photos of her bulging tummy

Barbie Hsu

Having stayed away from media spotlight since she confirmed her pregnancy, Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu finally posted up photos of herself online with her swelling tummy.

She took a photo of herself lifting up her shirt and caressing her tummy, and even commented: “Two souls in one body – it’s amazing!”

The first-time-mum appeared to be fascinated by the changes in her body, making several exclamations now and then. Two days ago, she even posted on weibo that her baby was kicking her.

A few weeks ago, her sister Dee Hsu mentioned that her tummy was huge at an event, which made her somewhat upset. “Why did you tell the media that my tummy is huge?” she had reportedly scolded her sister.

Barbie Hsu

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