Updated: 02 February 2014 09:45 | By Tammi Tan
Battle of the shared song titles

Same title, different song – but which one is better?

Battle of the shared song titles
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Earlier this month, K-pop kings TVXQ made their highly anticipated 10th anniversary comeback with ‘Something’. Little did they know that they would be returning at the same time with Girl’s Day, whose comeback track was also called ‘Something’ – a coincidence both parties were unaware of until they saw each other’s notices (hilariously, TVXQ’s Yunho even bought Girl’s Day’s song thinking it was their own).

However, the similarities between both songs end with their titles. While TVXQ’s track is upbeat and jazzy, Girl’s Day’s has a more sensual, disco-like vibe to it. TVXQ’s music video of muted, vintage-like colours also contrasts with Girl’s Day’s, which has a passionate, highly saturated palette.

‘Something’ is far from the only title shared by two different tunes. Here, we engage a list of other artists in the battle for song title supremacy, based on their music videos (MVs), lyrical content and other outstanding factors:

Disclaimer: This is all for fun, so don’t get upset if we make your favourites lose!

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