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Bryan Wong

Fann Wong, who was widely touted to be the hot favourite to win the Favourite Variety Host award at the Star Awards 2012 Show 1, ultimately lost out to dark horse Bryan Wong at the very last minute, despite Fann's "huge fan base".

"I was sure she was going to get it, since this is an online voting award. I never dreamt that I would surpass Fann Wong, because she's an international star," Bryan said.

The Favourite Variety Host award is purely determined by online votes, and the funnyman constantly come in second to Fann during the eight weeks of voting.

Bryan was still reeling in shock when we caught up with him backstage, after receiving the award.

"My mind was in a blank when I was on stage, and I couldn't talk properly. I think I forgot to thank the most important people, and that's the netizens. Thank you for voting for me," he stuttered.

The host let on that many people encouraged him, whenever he updated his fans on his social networking sites, and said that "words are beyond me" when it comes to thanking everyone who voted for him.

"Apart from 'thank you', I really don't know what else to say," Bryan sincerely answered.

Bryan Wong

During his acceptance speech, the 41-year-old mentioned that thrice, he toyed with the thought of resigning, when he was hosting the 90s variety show City Beat. At that time, co-hosts Kym Ng and Sharon Au were already bagging awards at the annual Star Awards; but the general public thought Bryan was "annoying".

When asked what gave him the strength to soldier through the tough times, Bryan said, "I came across this episode of Tuesday Report: Heirloom Recipes, which I was on, this afternoon, and realised that I revealed a lot of personal stuff. I think my strength came from the time after my dad passed away, and I had to be responsible for the family.

"I started my working life in showbiz and at that point in time, I didn't have the luxury to change careers, so I could only go on doing it. Luckily, I have passion for this industry and it's passion that kept me going."