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By2 says their photos were “over-edited”

By2 refuted claims of them going under the knife and admit to over-editing their photos


The Singaporean sisters who were recently accused of fixing their nose bridges and jawlines have stepped out to clarify that it was all “the good work of younger sister Yumi.”

The damage done from the saga, which resulted in them being criticised by netizens for “looking like transvestites,” was slightly rectified when the duo appeared before the media looking a tad different from the photos, at the 2014 MILK AWARDS.
Older sister Miko commented frustratingly, when asked about their alleged plastic surgery attempts: “It was all Yumi’s fault that our ugly photo came up in the news.”
Yumi professed her love for beautifying pictures with the large array of photo-editing apps on her mobile, but promised to exercise self-control to prevent a similar incident from happening.
At the 2014 MILK AWARDS presentation ceremony in Taipei last night organised by Hong Kong-originated magazine Milk, several high-profile celebrities – Wilber Pan, Alien Huang, Da Mouth and others – graced the ceremony alongside By2.
In other related news, Lollipop’s ex-manager Andy Zhang who has been tangled in a rape scandal received a word of encouragement from good friend Wilber who hopes Andy would “face this bravely.”
MILK AWARDS 2014 Winners List: 
Mr. Milk:Alien Huang
Ms. Milk:Chang Chun-Ning 
MILK Prevailing Artiste:Wilber Pan
Actor of the Year:Lego Lee 
Trendiest Artiste of the Year:Alien Huang 
Trendiest Singer-Songwriter:Yen-j
Band of the Year:BY2
Best Brand Ambassador:Tony Yang 
Person to focus on for the Year:Mini Tsai
Most popular Sportsman of the Year:Chou Ssu-Chi


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