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Cecilia Cheung confesses that she was once a third party

The Hong Kong actress relates the story of her first love and how she unknowingly became ‘the other woman’ and even hid in the closet

Cecilia Cheung

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung, who is currently focused on taking care of her two sons, recently told the story of her first relationship during a media interview, and admitted that she was unknowingly the third party in the relationship.

“It was the first time I broke up – I was very sad, because my boyfriend at that time was actually already attached and he didn’t tell me,” she confessed.

She added that once, his girlfriend actually came to his place while she was there. “He then hid me in the closet. I even witnessed them being intimate, it reminded me of Edmond Leung’s song ‘Hiding in the closet’,” she said.

However, despite feeling cheated, Cecilia did not want to hurt anyone, and thus did not emerge from the closet. “I saw him trying to get the girl to leave, but she didn’t really want to. I pitied her, and stayed in the closet for half an hour and nearly fell asleep.”

Cecilia went on and said that as a woman grows older, her views on romance changes. “When you are 28 or 29, you’ll feel like settling down and starting a family. You may originally think of finding Prince Charming, but when you find someone who can take care of you, you’d realise that you wouldn’t need to worry anymore,” she said.

Men, on the other hand, only mature when they are much older, she continued. “That’s why I want to find someone who’s in his 40s!” she added. “Though I’m used to being single, sometimes I do get a bit lonely.”

Cecilia Cheung

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