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Cecilia Cheung leads an ‘ordinary life’ in Singapore

The Hong Kong actress is keeping a low profile in Singapore with her kids

Cecilia Cheung

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung, who recently moved to Singapore with her two children to give them a Singapore education – following in the footsteps of foreign celebrities who also chose to school their kids here – has abandoned her celebrity lifestyle, and is now leading an ordinary life.

Although Cecilia’s sons, Lucas and Quintus Tse, are under Cecilia’s and Nicholas Tse’s joint-custody after their divorce, they have both been living with Cecilia. For the sake of giving them a quiet and “normal study environment”, coupled with the good education system here, she decided to let her showbiz career take a back seat and relocated to Singapore with them.

She leads the life of an ordinary homemaker in Singapore: she brings her sons to the school bus stop near her apartment at 7.30am every day to wait for their school bus, and waits for them to arrive in the school bus at 4.30pm.

Six-year-old Lucas even helps his mother with the grocery trolley when she has one, and also helps keep an eye on his three-year-old brother, Quintus. Mother and sons would go to a nearby eatery for afternoon tea, before walking home. They are seldom seen out at night.

Cecilia has also been helping out at charity organisations up to thrice a week, during which she prepares food and distributes it to the elderly. Her hobbies have remained the same – drawing and water-skiing.

In a recent interview, she told reporters that she has always wanted to lead an ordinary life and be a good mother, so she thoroughly enjoys her lifestyle now.

However, she stressed that she is not quitting showbiz. She will be heading to China this week for a few performances to earn some extra cash.

Cecilia Cheung

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