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Cecilia Cheung praises ex-boyfriend Daniel Chan

Cecilia Cheung heaped praises on her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Chan, during a radio interview

Cecilia Cheung Daniel Chan

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung recently revealed her relationship history voluntarily on a radio show, and praised former boyfriend Daniel Chan.

The day before, the 33-year-old shared relationship stories on a radio show, revealing that her dates usually consisted of watching a movie at her boyfriend’s house. If they wanted to go outside, she had to use various ways to avoid the media’s attention: “The reporters know I will hide from them, I’ve tried disguising myself by dressing up as a man and wearing a wig. The reporters couldn’t tell it was me even when I walked past them.”

Cecilia also claimed that she had once hidden herself in the boot of a car, using her phone to communicate with the driver. She joked that next time she gets a boyfriend, she will try hiding in a luggage bag.

At the same time, the singer-actress said that even if she is going out alone, she will still try to shun the media. When she was pregnant, she tried especially hard to find ways to go out without being discovered.

The actress was not stingy with praises for her ex-boyfriend Daniel Chan. She reminisced, “I was very adamant to reveal [our relationship] at that time, so I dragged him to meet everyone at the car park. However, he was very cooperative and okay with it because he loved me.”

Nevertheless, Cecilia acknowledged that there are some celebrities who are not comfortable with revealing their relationships, such as good friend Lynn Hung and Aaron Kwok.

Cecilia said, “Society only cares about what happens between her and the Heavenly King (Aaron), even though she works very hard, everyone is only interested in when they are going to break up or reconcile. No one ever badmouths the guy.”

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Daniel Chan

Daniel Chan


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