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Cecilia Cheung references Nicholas Tse on her radio show

The Hong Kong star hosted a radio show and made a rare mention of the name “Nicholas”

Cecilia Cheung

Hong Kong actress-singer Cecilia Cheung recently hosted a radio show as a special guest, along with her close friend and make-up artist, Rick Chin. While on air, the mother of two openly discussed her views about love, even dropping a rare reference to Nicholas Tse.

During the programme, which was broadcasted at 12:30am, Rick joked that in order to see the “Goddess Cecilia”, he requested that security open the door for him. Cecilia laughed, “Victoria Park Nicholas?” in reference to the famous Nicholas Tse lookalike Lin Ke Lin.

Rick went on to praise the 33-year-old for “daring to love, hate, speak, and do”, admiring that she does not bear grudges. Cecilia replied instantly, “The smartest thing that I do is love my enemies. All my friends say that it’s a very hard thing to do, but it’s (the principle) not difficult to understand, it’s actually very simple!”

She added that women should find someone who deserves their love instead of loving blindly, and not try to change themselves for their significant other, as they should live for themselves and not for men or their boyfriends. She also admitted that when she is in love, she tends to become a little woman, but has “yet to meet a man smarter than [herself]”.

Cecilia also revealed that she had once been sexually harassed by a foreign man. The star had been trying to switch her phone to silent mode in a cinema when the foreigner beside her grabbed her phone, thinking that she was going to make a call.

“He snatched my phone, used English vulgarities to scold me, and kept brushing against my chest area," Cecilia said. "I asked him if he was sexually harassing me and offered to let things go if he apologized. He didn’t, so I called the police.”

It was only when police entered the scene that the man was willing to admit his transgression. Cecilia said, “I forgave him and didn’t press the matter because I felt that everyone could make mistakes, and learning how to forgive people is my biggest fortune!”

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Cecilia Cheung

Cecilia Cheung

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