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Chapman To under fire by Chinese netizens

Angered Chinese netizens have threatened to kill both Chapman and his wife, Kristal Tin

Chapman To Kristal Tin

Hong Kong actor Chapman To has come under fire by Chinese netizens for voicing his support against Taiwan’s trade pact with China, with some threatening to kill both him and his actress wife Kristal Tin.

Chapman’s outspoken support for Taiwan and Hong Kong regarding the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement has attracted the ire of Chinese netizens, resulting in verbal fights online between the actor and his naysayers.

Some netizens have called for Chapman to “get out of China and not come to China to make money”.

Chapman responded by taunting netizens to try “stop [him] from coming to China if [they] can”, and even spouted vulgarities in retaliation.

On Saturday morning, the 41-year-old actor posted photos of those who threatened him on the Internet and lamented that all the unreasonable netizens were born after 1990, further angering his anti-fans.

“Be careful that Kristal Tin doesn’t die together with you!” they threatened.

Disregarding the threat, Chapman laughed that there is no need to worry as Hong Kong is a lawful place. He added cheekily, “My wife’s assistant is so fat, she’ll be able to protect her if something happens.”

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Chapman To Kristal Tin

Chapman To and Kristal Tin

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