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Charmaine Sheh joins in the chase for Kenneth Ma?

The TVB actors are rumoured to be getting a little too close for comfort

Kenneth Ma Charmaine Sheh

Hong Kong stars Charmaine Sheh and Kenneth Ma were recently seen on a date together, sparking rumours that Charmaine has joined in the ‘chase’ for Kenneth, after Rebecca Zhu and Tracy Chu, both of whom were rumoured to be close to the TVB heartthrob.

Charmaine and Kenneth were in Singapore recently to film a special TVB telemovie series called A Time of Love, in which Charmaine plays the role of a haughty boss, who’s constantly dressed to the nines. But the generally ‘dull’ Kenneth appeared to be indifferent to her sexy dressing, causing Charmaine to ‘sigh in mock resignation’.

The pair had a sweet and intimate cycling scene in Singapore with lots of close contact, and both actors seemed to be very comfortable with each other. They were later sighted having dinner together.

In response to the rumours, Kenneth said: “Charmaine actually guessed what the headlines would be! We knew there was a reporter there, and she guessed that we would be in the news the next day.”

In an interview with local media last Thursday, when Charmaine was asked if she’d consider Kenneth as a potential boyfriend, the actress laughed it off and said: “There’s no rush in this, right? We’ve only started filming for two days!”

Kenneth Ma Charmaine Sheh

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