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Chen Liping returns to her slimmer self

The Dream Makers actress Chen Liping successfully lost some weight as Mary Chia’s new ambassador

Chen Liping

Better known by her bubbly Ms Aiyoyo image from the 1989 hit drama serial Good Morning, Sir, MediaCorp actress, Chen Liping regains her slimmer body physique with the help of a slimming programme.

When she unveiled her new trim figure at the Mary Chia press conference on Wednesday, many reporters were taken aback by the results of her slimming progress which was kept a top secret and under tight wraps. According to the actress, she managed to lose 6kg in just three weeks through the 360 Degrees Complete Transformation Skin and Body Approach programme.

During the event, Liping exuded an air of confidence as she exclaimed, “My ‘triple’ chin is gone! (Laughs)”

According to Madam Mary Chia, 63, the executive chairman and founder of the beauty chain, Liping was approached 20 years ago to be the beauty chain’s ambassador. After years of pursuit, the actress finally agreed to take on this endorsement when she was affirmed that there will be no invasive procedure or oral medication.

Although Liping did not directly refer to the 2002 Slim 10 saga as the main reason for her procrastination, the incident clearly left a dent on her life. The Slim 10 pills which she endorsed and took back then, unintentionally caused a local celebrity, Andrea De Cruz to suffer a liver dysfunction.

Madam Mary Chia & Chen Liping

During an exclusive interview with xinmsn, Liping revealed that it was time to lose weight and cited health as her primary reason for it.

When asked about her endorsement fees, the tactful one simply said, “They (referring to Mary Chia) were sincere and generous.”

Apart from saying yes at the “right timing and suitable program”, Liping stressed that slimming down requires “teamwork” and a conscious effort to avoid junk food. She thanked all her fans, especially her husband, Rayson Tan for their continuous support even at her most unflattering state.

Revealing slight remorse, she said, “Back then, I felt that viewers liked the oversized me and it became an excuse not to lose weight.”

Chen Liping

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