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Chow Yun Fat: Donnie Yen has a bad temper

Donnie Yen retorts that Chow Yun Fat’s acting fee is too high

Chow Yun Fat Donnie Yen

Tensions were high between Hong Kong actors Chow Yun Fat and Donnie Yen yesterday when they turned up at the Beijing press conference for their upcoming movie The Monkey King yesterday. Yun Fat revealed that Donnie’s temper is bad, and in retaliation, the latter said that Yun Fat commands too high an acting fee.

The friendly jibes continued as Yun Fat compared Donnie to the Monkey King, and said: “Everyone said Donnie is the best in the universe, and with the best 3D effects, those who have seen the movie will know that the best fighter is the Monkey King.”

But he continued the compliment with another remark. “Hope that after this movie, Donnie’s temper will improve,” he said.

Donnie unexpectedly gave a sharp retort: “Because Yun Fat is so highly valued and costs so much, he can’t miss any moment.”

Aaron Kwok, who also has a leading role in the movie, quickly chipped in and explained that Donnie plays multiple roles in the film, and has high expectations of himself, so it is unavoidable that tensions ran high when expectations were not met. But he also added: “We still hope that Donnie can change his temper.”

After the press conference, Donnie smiled and said: “Everyone’s just joking around,” when asked if he felt uncomfortable with his co-stars’ remarks.

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