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Chow Yun Fat may be acting in Cold War 2

The Hong Kong veteran actor may be starring in the sequel to the highly grossed Hong Kong film Cold War

Chow Yun Fat

Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat may join the ranks of Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung Ka-Fai in the highly-anticipated sequel to the Hong Kong blockbuster cop and robbers movie Cold War, if it all works out.

According to the Hong Kong media, the production company has announced last month that the filming of the sequel to Cold War would begin end of this year following the huge success of the movie. The movie left off with Aaron’s wife and son being kidnapped by a mysterious ‘mastermind’, whose identity will be revealed in the sequel.

According to the reports, Chow was regarded as the most suitable actor to take up the role of the ‘mastermind’ and talks with the actor are ongoing.

Chow went to America to develop his career after acting in his Peace Hotel  and switched his focus to China-made productions since his return to Hong Kong in recent years.

The established actor has not acted in Hong Kong productions for 18 years, his last being Hong Kong film Peace Hotel in 1995.

When asked to confirm the rumours, Cold War’s director revealed, “The filming will begin in year end, and we are now discussing the script. As for plans of Chow Yun Fat acting as the ‘boss’, I think it is best if you ask him personally.”

Speaking to reporters over the phone, Chow’s wife said, “initial stage of discussions has begun, but Chow has not received the script yet. He will have to decide after going through the script.”

“It doesn’t matter if the film is a Hong Kong, American, or cross-border production, as long as the script is good,” she added.

Chow’s wife further revealed that the 57-year-old actor will be participating in Hong Kong director’s upcoming movie in April, followed by an American film in the second half of the year.

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