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Chow Yun Fat seeking treatment for excessive dieting?

Action film star Chow Yun Fat’s weight has reportedly dropped to a low 63kg

Chow Yun Fat

Hong Kong film star Chow Yun Fat’s weight has reportedly dropped to 63kg after more than two years of intense dieting, invoking concern in his wife, Jasmine Tan.

Last year, the 58-year-old actor started a strict health regimen that consisted of walking, hiking, dieting and acupuncture, in order to lose 13kg for his movie role. Since then, he has been passionate about dieting and continued his weight-loss regime. The action star’s weight eventually took a nosedive to 63kg, causing Jasmine to worry about his health.

While Yun Fat was filming in Shanghai from 2011 to 2012, his weight once reached a high of 81kg, affecting his health direly. The actor decided to look to singer Aaron Kwok – who jogs for an hour every day regardless of his schedule – as a role model, and began going for walks daily.

The megastar managed to successfully reduce his weight from 81kg to 68kg while shooting gambling-themed movie From Vegas to Macau, but was pressured to continue his diet when he saw how stick-thin the other actors were, even joking that he would follow co-star Nicholas Tse’s example and boycott rice.

Now a health advocate, Yun Fat spends his free time on his health regimen and making trips to the beauty salon for facials, resulting in a stronger physique and more youthful-looking appearance.

The star was recently spotted walking from his apartment in Kowloon to a TCM clinic in Jordon for a massage and his slender frame fuelled speculation that he had shed even more weight, dropping to a low 63kg.

Two days later, as Yun Fat and his wife left a clinic after a checkup, Jasmine was seen looking visibly troubled, presumably worried about her husband’s overzealous dieting.

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Chow Yun Fat

Chow Yun Fat

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