06 December 2012 11:14
Chow Yun Fat speaks on love and hidden fears

The international film star asked for a xinmsn reporter’s name card during the press conference of The Last Tycoon and conducted an exclusive phone interview with us

Chow Yun Fat
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In Chow's opinion, the expression "I love you" itself could have a variety of meanings when spoken in different languages.

"Leave me your name card after the press conference. I will call and explain to you my views on love," he promised.

And indeed, a phone call came from the man himself two hours later. His sincerity was truly admirable as he affirmed that he was just keeping his word when the reporter expressed her appreciation.

During the ten-minute exclusive phone interview, Chow was void of any 'air of a superstar' and his tone remained collected and unpretentious, as if he was talking naturally to a friend.

The international celebrity and his Singaporean spouse Jasmine Tan have always been the industry's model couple. "I'm a stay-home person. She [Jasmine] takes care of things at home," he shared.

On maintaining his loving relationship with wife, he said that it is all about giving each other space and mutual respect, as well as tolerance.

So what does Jasmine have to bear with?

Due to his work as an actor, withdrawing himself from a character takes a while each time after he completed filming. As he confessed that he possesses extreme emotions at times, he is very grateful for an understanding wife.

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