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Clark Spencer: From Wall Street high-flyer to Disney Producer

The producer behind Wreck-It Ralph tells us how he decided to take a huge paycut to pursue a childhood dream in movies with Disney Animation Studios

Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Singapore

Clark Spencer: From Wall Street high-flyer to Disney Producer

They fuel kids' imagination with their make-believe worlds and stories on royals and toys come-to-life. Come December this year, Disney will be rolling out a new animation movie called Wreck-It Ralph, centered in the world of video games (imagine it to be Mario Kart meets Call of Duty meets 8-bit arcade game). As with all Disney movies -- that are usually imbued with everyday life lessons - Wreck-It Ralph is an underdog tale that will teach everyone a thing or two about going against the odds to pursue one's dreams or goals.

And when it comes to pursuing lofty aspirations, no one knows it better than Clark Spencer, producer of Wreck-It Ralph and the man who had a hand in animated works such as Lilo & Stitch, Bolt, and Meet The Robinsons. He is after all, living and breathing what this writer terms the "Disney dream" after forsaking a top-paying job in Wall Street (he was a financial associate with Bankers Trust Company), to pursue his childhood interest in movies - and have everything work out neatly for him.

Calling his departure from finance and advance into movies his "Wreck-It Ralph moment in life", Clark shared the exact same sentiments as Ralph, the movie's main character, and woke up one day wondering: "Is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life?"

Wreck-It Ralph

BAD-GUY BLUES - Wreck-It Ralph and a few fellow arcade-game bad guys head back to their games via Game Central Station following a BadAnon support group meeting where Ralph learns that being a Bad Guy in his game doesn't make him a bad guy. Still, he can't help but wonder what it would be like to be the hero.

"I looked at my boss and my boss' boss and the people they are today and realised that this is not what makes me passionate at the end of the day. Movies have always been in my blood but Hollywood is a distant dream that I've never allowed myself to pursue," said Clark over a phone interview with xinmsn.

But unlike Ralph who is caught in a bad-guy fix and has to go through different video game worlds battling cyborgs and candy racers just to prove his worth and point, Clark had it a lot easier.

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