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Could romance blossom between Sonia Sui and James Wen?

The on-screen couple were seen behaving like a pair of real life lovebirds

Sonia Sui, James Wen

After Taiwanese actress-model Sonia Sui’s high profile breakup with 8-year boyfriend Yao Yuan Hao in May this year, she has been romantically linked to James Wen, her co-star in popular drama The Fierce Wife.

Sonia and James play a married couple in the drama and the pair became chummy after meeting each other on set every day. They were recently spotted on a supper date in Hong Kong where they promoted the movie version of the drama, which was produced to conclude the series.

The actress first entered the restaurant with the crew, reserving the seat beside her for James. When he arrived at the place, the two sat shoulder to shoulder, exchanging glances and speaking into each other’s ears from time to time.

Although James has a girlfriend of 16 years, his interaction with Sonia during the meal was uninhibitedly close. It is said that she looked dejected when her reel life husband left the table to answer a call and that she had all eyes on him throughout. She walked over to accompany him eventually and the group stayed at the restaurant till midnight.

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Sonia Sui

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