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Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuan Hao go on high-profile date

The blissful couple were spotted together on a recent date

Cyndi Wang

Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuan Hao had no qualms displaying their affections for each other during a recent high-profile date.

The pair was seen behaving intimately just like newlyweds, as they snuggled and held hands while walking side by side. After enjoying a romantic dinner at a fine-dining restaurant, the couple strolled down the streets leisurely and went shopping afterwards. The couple was not bothered by the presence of paparazzi following them during their date.

Despite their blissful front, it was recently speculated that Cyndi’s mother disapproves of Yuan Hao because of his flirtatious personality. Unhappy that Yuan Hao once dumped her daughter, she reportedly persuaded Cyndi to break up with him several times since their reconciliation.

In other related news, Sonia Sui’s The Fierce Wife co-actor Chris Wang was said to be the one responsible for the breakup between Yuan Hao and the Sonia. At a recent event, Sonia defended Chris and dismissed rumours of him being the third party. “Those are lies that are not worth mentioning,” she said.

Cyndi Wang

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