18 September 2013 10:15 | By Ilsa Chan
Deal breaker: What makes actors say 'no' to roles

Nicolas Cage

NO GO: Actors turn down roles for a host of reasons, here are 10 deal breakers. (© AP)
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Who: Nicolas Cage
No to: Far filming locations

Nicolas Cage not once, but twice, passed up meaty roles after learning the films were being shot in the Southern hemisphere.

Not wanting to be too far away from home for too long, Nicolas turned down the part of Aragorn in TheLord of the Rings trilogy when he learned about the three-year time commitment, as well as the lead role of Neo in The Matrix.

"Both are great movies. But they both shot in New Zealand for great quantities of time...I mean years. Well, Australia was The Matrix, New Zealand was The Lord of the Rings. But I had family obligations, so I'm glad I stayed and I had those experiences with my family," said the actor.

We’re wondering if the now-broke Nicolas is kicking himself as both movies became massive box-office hits.

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