Thursday, 05 December 2013 14:30

Dee Hsu and Mike Hsu’s marriage on the rocks?

The Taiwanese couple appeared detached from each other at the LoveLife charity concert yesterday

Dee Hsu, Mike Hsu

Unlike their usual lovey-dovey public display of affections for each other, Taiwanese couple Dee Hsu and Mike Hsu reportedly gave each other the cold shoulder when they attended Blackie Chen’s LoveLife charity concert last night.

According to Taiwanese media reports, Mike, who was previously embroiled in a controversy over his Top Pot Bakery business, seemed disinterested at his wife’s performance while Dee looked distracted and nervous during her performance of the song ‘Wonderful World’ on stage.

Halfway through the concert, Mike left on his own whereas Dee stayed behind to have dinner with her friends.

When asked about Barbie Hsu’s pregnancy, Mike replied bluntly, “I didn’t know about it.”

Dee, on the other hand, retorted, “He was just here for the concert. Pregnancy news is usually shared amongst the mothers.”

Meanwhile, Dee’s mother told reporters the duo are still on good terms with one another and that they support each other like a family.

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