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Dee Hsu: Barbie Hsu is expecting a fat baby

Popular Taiwanese host Dee Hsu announced that her sister, Barbie Hsu, will probably give birth to a fat baby.

Dee Hsu

Actress and singer Barbie Hsu confirmed that she is pregnant earlier this month, after breaking the news before she even saw the doctor in October.

Dee Hsu spoke about Barbie’s pregnancy during an event in Beijing. “Her tummy is so big, bigger than mine was when I was five months pregnant! At that time, my tummy was round, but her swelling belly is more oval. So we suspect it’s a really fat child!” she said.

She also revealed that her sister has been rather anxious during her pregnancy, but she is being taken care of by her husband and mother.

“Most of the time it’s Xiao Fei (Barbie’s husband) taking care of her,” said Dee.

She even said that Barbie intends to use a “militarised” disciplinary method to bring up her child. But when asked about the gender of the baby, Dee replied that it would be better for her sister to announce it herself.

Dee Hsu also spoke up about her family’s bakery controversy that hit headlines in late August, saying that the incident has made the family more bonded.

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Barbie Hsu

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