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Dennis Chew returns a renewed man

The MediaCorp DJ returns to the small screen as an actor after 12 years

Dennis Chew

Dennis Chew found renewed motivation in life after returning from his Bhutan trip last month. The Y.E.S 93.3FM DJ who views things in a different perspective now spoke to xinmsn at the press conference of his latest drama It's a Wonderful Life, and shared his amazing experiences in the South Asian state.

Still in awe of the hardworking Bhutanese who remain positive in spite of their less-than-desirable life circumstances, the 39-year-old confessed that he cried many tears of joy during the trip and "learned a lot from the earnest people".

He was especially touched by the sight of an 80-year-old elderly who carried out his work duties with a smile despite his old age. Dennis was reminded of how fortunate he is and how he "should not be afraid to take on new challenges" when the guide later explained that the elderly man was happy simply because he is healthy enough to continue working.

Looking back on 2012, the DJ admitted that he rejected several job offers last year as he felt it'd be better to reduce his workload since he is turning 40. However, after his two-month vacation where he visited cities such as New York, Toronto and Gold Coast, Dennis realised that he was able to enjoy and go on these long holidays due to his efforts in the past year.

"If I become more active in 2013, I'd be able to travel to even farther places and for a longer period," he reflected.

Dennis Chew

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