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Did Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu marry in secret?

The Taiwanese actor is rumoured to have spent S$4.17 million on a mansion

Ethan Ruan, Tiffany Hsu

Taiwanese actor and actress Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu, who have been dating for seven years, were rumoured to have wedded in secret on Tuesday.

The couple revealed two years ago that they planned to marry in 2014, and last year, both even said that they “could get married any time”.

A source also revealed that Ethan even spent NT100 million (approximately S$4.17 million) on a mansion, which would be their new home.

However, both Ethan and Tiffany denied that they got married. Responding to media queries at his home yesterday, Ethan said: “Don’t listen to what others say” and jokingly told reporters they should ask Tiffany about their marriage matters instead.

At that time, Ethan was carrying a box which resembled a gift box often used in weddings. When reporters tried to verify if the box contained a wedding cake, he exclaimed in reply, “It’s not a wedding cake; it’s just a cake!”

He also denied that he bought the mansion, and brushed reporters off. “Don’t ask me this, I’m busy now,” he said before escaping into his car and sped off. Reporters also spotted Tiffany, who was wearing shades, seated in the car.

Although Tiffany could not be reached for comment, her manager said that Tiffany was actually attending an event on Tuesday, and only ended work at midnight.

When reporters checked with real estate agents on Ethan’s rumoured purchase of the mansion, a staff member admitted that he “came to view the apartment last month.”

He also added that Ethan has been eyeing a 100-square-metre apartment, and they are currently negotiating on the price of the house.

Ethan Ruan

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