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Did Jam Hsiao spend a night with his fan Yuki?

The Taiwanese singer’s infamous fan Yuki suggested that they had a one night stand

Jam Hsiao

Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao has been disturbed with threats recently, not to mention being reportedly harassed by a wealthy Japanese fan called Yuki. She reportedly invested in his concerts, was said to have turned up at his doorstep with a pot of soup and even bought a S$1.7 million apartment near his residence.

Yuki has also posted on Facebook and Instagram a few times, sometimes to confess her love for him, and at other times, to mock him. Her actions and mood have been seen as erratic and yesterday, she suddenly posted on Weibo: “I’ve never harassed you, but you don’t dare to admit it. If I say we had a one night stand, you won’t admit to it even more, isn’t it?”

In response, Jam’s manager, Summer said: “She’s so rich, I’m sure she has a mirror at home right?”

“We have already given a warning for Yuki’s ridiculous behavior,” Summer said. “If she refuses to repent, we will ask for more compensation for tarnishing Jam’s image. She has the right to daydream, but if those daydreams affect the artistes image and public appetite, we need to ask the judge to return everyone their peace.”

She posted around 20 long posts in two days, and very often, it was her expressing her disappointment towards the judicial system in Taiwan. Summer stressed that she would make an appeal.

When asked about the one night stand, she said with a deliberate mysterious tone: “I promised Jam I won’t tell; you can ask him yourselves.”

Jam responded and said he is not afraid of rumours, and wants to concentrate on recording a short video with his father for the John Tung Foundation, on quitting smoking and drinking.

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