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Did Zhang Ziyi and boyfriend break up?

Rumour has it that the couple had secretly split due to the lack of mutual trust

Sa Beining & Zhang Ziyi

CCTV host Sa Beining publically confessed to his relationship with Zhang Ziyi at a variety show last week. Just when everyone thought it will be a "happily ever after" for the lovebirds, reports suggested that they had secretly broke up long ago.

Speculations arise when a Chinese man Qi Hu, who claimed to be Ziyi's ex-boyfriend, reportedly wanted to confront Beining at the television station and even intended to assault the CCTV host.

It is also rumoured that Ziyi and Beining had a heated argument after the latter became over suspicious when his girlfriend constantly received gifts from a mysterious guy.

According to the news reports, the Chinese actress felt Beining lacked trust in their 19-month relationship, thus she initiated the breakup.

Ziyi's manager remained uncontactable while Beining refused to comment on their alleged breakup.

However, it seems that the rumours are untrue as the 36-year-old has recently written a poem via his Microblog update to help promote Ziyi's new movie The Grandmasters.

Sa Beining & Zhang Ziyi

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