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Donnie Yen to headline Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2

The Hong Kong film star has been confirmed as the male lead for the sequel to the internationally-acclaimed film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2

Donnie Yen

Fans of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon have reason to rejoice. At the 66th Cannes Film Festival, director Ang Lee recently announced his plans at to produce a sequel to his internationally-acclaimed film, starring Donnie Yen and Michelle Yeoh.

At the press conference held in Cannes, director Woo-ping dismissed rumours of the sequel’s story line, which speculated that Donnie will play Michelle’s first love in the movie, by explaining that the script has yet to be finalised.

“The first draft of the script isn’t good enough, so we are still trying to improve it,” he said during the press conference.

He also revealed that the production company plans to produce both English and Mandarin versions of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2. Instead of dubbing the film, both versions will be filmed separately in the respective languages to ensure its originality.

When asked if he is stressed by his lead role in the second installment of the classic movie, Donnie replied that he hopes to attain a breakthrough performance with his new role and surprise the audiences with his performance.

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Donnie Yen



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