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Eason Chan down with bipolar disorder again?

Excessive economic burdens have caused the Cantopop star to break down

Eason Chan

Hong Kong superstar Eason Chan is rumoured to be suffering from bipolar disorder again, after he was seen acting out of character at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Ceremony on Jan 1.

Although the singer bagged five awards, he remained sour-faced when he received his awards on stage, and even sang out of tune during his performance. Backstage, he was seen making fun of the awards and acting as a zombie to scare others. Eason eventually broke down in front of a friend, saying: “I don’t know what I’m doing here!”

Speculations arose that the singer was unhappy with his manager for insisting that he attend the awards ceremony, and deliberately messed things up. But he denied the claims, saying that there were no singers of his generation to speak to, and he was simply feeling lonely.

However, rumours later spread that the real cause of his behaviour was that his wife, former TVB actress Hilary Tsui, had bought a HK$231 million (approximately S$38 million) luxury apartment last December under her own name, further straining his finances.

Eason had bought a HK$21.9 million home (approximately S$3.59 million) in 2000, but sold it in 2008 to pay for his father’s medical bills when he was diagnosed with liver problems. The couple has been renting an apartment since.

As the sole breadwinner of his family, Eason has to support his wife and daughter as well as pay for his father’s medical treatments. On top of that, he has to pay at least HK$2.7 million (approximately S$440,000) in rent every month. He even gave up his dream of having his own music studio and recording room so as to fulfill his wife’s dream of having their own home. But the tireless work and economic strain appeared to have taken a toll on his mental health, resulting in speculations that he is suffering from bipolar disorder again.

Hilary has declined to comment.

Hilary Tsui

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