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Eason Chan furious with shop assistant for posting CCTV shots of him

The Hong Kong singer had returned to the convenient store where she was working to “talk” to her.

eason chan

Hong Kong Cantopop singer Eason Chan was infuriated when a shop assistant posted images of him buying cigarettes at a Japan convenient store where she was working, reported Hong Kong media.

The CCTV images were posted on social media.

Slamming this move by the “citizen paparazzi”, Eason, who was then on a vacation trip with his wife, former actress Hilary Tsui, has expressed words of rage.

"Initially, I thought of contacting this person who uploaded the images online, but on second thought, it might be better for the public to discuss about it. I did return to the convenient store to look for the female shop assistant, but she wasn’t around, probably frightened. I am tweeting about this on Weibo bewcause I want to to discuss what responsibility and respect are,” tweeted the singer

But when asked if he felt upset, Eason said: “It didn’t affect my mood.”

Eason was reminded of the unpleasant incident, which took place a while back, when the 39-year-old attended the opening ceremony of an art school opened by the father of Hong Kong singer, Denise Ho.

So would he enroll his daughter, nine year-old Constance Chan, into the school, he said: “If suitable, yes.”

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