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Eason Chan leaves New Year’s Eve party in bad mood

The Hong Kong singer quarreled with his wife and stormed off from the party

Eason Chan Hilary Tsui

Cantopop singer songwriter Eason Chan was reported to have ended 2013 with a black face, after storming off from a New Year’s Eve party with his wife and friends.

On December 31, after leaving their daughter to enjoy the fireworks, Eason and his wife, former TVB actress Hilary Tsui, went to party with some friends. The night started off well, and the couple even happily posted up their selfie on Weibo.

At the nightclub, however, both joined their own clique of friends. Eason initially chatted with a few close friends, but after having a few conversations, his crowd phobia appeared to manifest itself. He started to appear uneasy and fiddled with his phone unhappily.

Around 10 women approached him during that time for a photo, but he rejected them all. Even when his male friends made small talk with him, he merely listened but did not respond.

Meanwhile, Hilary was having the time of her life – smoking, drinking and dancing with her girlfriends. Her husband was seen walking up to her several times to indicate that they should leave, but after checking the time, she started to quarrel with him. Hilary’s girlfriends tried to cool them down, but to no avail.

Around 3am, Eason left the nightclub in the company of a few female friends. When reporters approached him, he stormed away without saying a word.

Hilary Tsui

Although Eason left, Hilary continued to be in high spirits as she partied with another Cantopop singer Yumiko Cheng. The pair even forcefully took off the top of a well-built man on the dance floor. Hilary only left at around 4am, appearing a little tipsy.

“He said he’s fetching me,” she replied, to reporters who asked if she quarreled with her husband, before getting onto a cab.

When reporters contacted Eason the next day, he explained: “We didn’t quarrel. The place was too chaotic, but I was happy because it’s a rare chance to get to go out with my wife. I left earlier because I was too tired.”

“And I generally have nothing to say to reporters,” he replied with a laugh, when asked about storming off  in a huff last night.

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