Tuesday, 14 January 2014 10:45

Edwin Siu cheats on girlfriend with co-star?

The Hong Kong actor was said to have gotten too intimate with Priscilla Wong

Edwin Siu

Hong Kong actors Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong were rumoured to have “gone out of hand” while getting into their roles for new TVB drama Housewife Madam. The pair was said to have been seducing each other in the name of filming for the TV series.

A source revealed that Priscilla, who rose to fame with five consecutive dramas and was even personally recognised by a member of TVB’s management Sandy Yue and producer Li Yanfang, had sat in a mini skirt next to Edwin, sparking off a seduction game. Both were said to be flirting and laughing uncontrollably.

A crew member observed that they would even wait for each other to knock off work, and Edwin would even send Priscilla home.

Edwin’s actions have aroused the suspicions of his girlfriend, Hong Kong TV host Gigi Ho, who is currently living with him. It was understood that she had confronted him about these rumours, but he gave a vague reply and said that Priscilla was just a colleague, resulting in a fight between the couple.

Gigi then posted up Cantopop singer Hins Cheung’s sad love ballad Breaking Point on Weibo, and subsequently at midnight, posted up: “What time is it now?” She was also said to have poured out her troubles to Edwin’s close family and friends.

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