Friday, 17 January 2014 18:30

Elementary school student says Lin Chi-Ling lingerie commercial is too sexy

A student complained that the advertisement distracted him from his studies

Lin Chi-Ling

Model turned actress Lin Chi-Ling is in the media headlines again for an overly sexy lingerie commercial. An elementary school student from the Jiangsu province in China has sent a letter to the mayor, protesting that the commercial is too revealing and distracted him from his studies.

Two years ago, the model has also caused a similar buzz because of a sexy lingerie commercial, and China’s CCTV even canceled its airing, and the merchant had to edit the video before it could be aired officially. At a Beijing subway station, a commuter even complained that the commercial “tempts one to commit crime”, causing it to be withdrawn.

In response, Chi-Ling apologized when she arrived at an event yesterday. “I will be more careful when accepting commercials next time,” she said. “I hope young children will not watch it.”

When asked about her New Year resolutions, she said: “I want to do something rebellious and irresponsible.”

Will she shock everyone with a sudden marriage? “We still have a year to go, so I will work hard in that direction!” she said. Chi-Ling admitted that she has jotted down several resolutions in her private diary. They include falling in love, filming new movies, reading to children and having more time for herself.

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