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Ella Chen’s husband shows his naked back on Facebook

Alvin Lai posted a shocking picture of his back after receiving “gua sha” treatment from his wife yesterday

Ella Chen Alvin Lai

Yesterday, Ella Chen’s husband, Alvin Lai, created a stir on his Facebook page after he uploaded a picture of his naked back, joking that he is a “victim” of domestic violence.

In the photo, Alvin’s back was covered in big red patches, a result of his gua sha (a traditional treatment for heatstroke and intestinal discomfort by scraping the patient’s neck, chest and back) session with Ella.

The post read: “I haven’t been sleeping well due to giddiness and bloatedness. Turns out that it is because my blood circulation is ‘stuck’! Thanks to my wife’s ‘abusive’ gua sha skills, I feel much better now… though the process was really painful!”

Shortly after, Ella’s fans flocked to comment on the post, singing praises of her unique talent. Some even suggested that the S.H.E member consider becoming a tui na master in future. “I guess Alvin has a love-hate relationship with this form of ‘domestic violence’!” wrote a netizen.

After their wedding in May last year, the couple has been sharing snippets of their blissful marriage life on their individual Facebook pages. Fondly known as “Lai brother-in-law” by the fans, Alvin has accumulated nearly 70,000 followers on his page so far.

Ella Chen Alvin Lai

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