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Ella Chen tears up as she recalls her late grandmother

The Taiwanese star was reminded of her grandmother while doing volunteer work

Ella Chen

Taiwanese girl group S.H.E member Ella Chen arrived for the press conference of an old folks’ home fund-raising initiative two days ago, and a promotional video reminded her so much of her late grandmother that she started to tear up.

Ella has always been an advocate of charity work, and has invited other S.H.E members Selina Jen and Hebe Tien to join her in volunteering. Even her husband is supportive of her volunteer work.

Although she recently started hosting for a variety programme Are You Normal? in China, and has to shuttle between the two countries, she feels that volunteering is of utmost importance. Regardless of her busy schedule, Ella feels she must still do her best to do her part for charity.

When a promotional video was played, the usual bubbly Ella became rather emotional as she thought of her late grandmother. “My grandmother also needed help in the past, and though I can’t do anything for her now, there are many elderly people in our society who needs our help,” she said.

She started crying uncontrollably on stage, but soon recomposed herself, appearing to be a little embarrassed by her sudden outburst.

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