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Elva Hsiao and family support Kai Ko’s new movie

The 21-year-old actor admitted that his rumoured girlfriend will be reserving a movie theatre to support his new movie

Kai Ko

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko’s second movie, When a Wolf Falls In Love With a Sheep is set to premiere on Nov 9.

Feeling stressed each time his new movie project is screened, Kai revealed that rumoured girlfriend, Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao would support his newest work with family and friends, and has already reserved a movie theatre on its opening day.

Shocked by his slip of the tongue, Kai immediately commented that it was “Elva’s younger brother” who booked the place.

Kai also promised to thank Elva for her support by purchasing her music album, but changed the subject immediately when asked about the number of albums he intends to buy.

As the 21-year-old showed off his culinary skills during a promotional event recently when the host asked for his take on about Elva’s cooking skills, Kai smiled and replied, “I have no idea. You have to ask her.”

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