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Ethan Ruan and Eddie Peng to give their lower bodies a workout

Taiwanese actors Ethan Ruan and Eddie Peng will go through intense leg workouts for their new film

Ethan Ruan Eddie Peng

Taiwanese hotshots Ethan Ruan and Eddie Peng have teamed up once again, co-starring in new Hong Kong movie Breaking Wind. At the press conference for the film yesterday, the two actors revealed that they will be taking on the challenge of portraying car racers, and have been instructed by the director to do intense physical training in order to strengthen their leg muscles.

This is the fourth time that good friends Eddie and Ethan are collaborating, but don’t they still feel awkward having to wear tight racing pants in front of each other? Ethan’s joke had everyone present exploding into laughter: “We’ve seen all that there is to see and I have a lot of his (Eddie’s) pictures with me, all from different periods. Do you want to see them?”

During the photo taking session, Eddie was requested to strip, and Ethan’s attempts to assist him had the fans screaming in excitement. When Eddie, who just turned 32 years old on March 24, grumbled about not receiving a present from his co-star, Ethan readily pressed a kiss onto the former’s cheek.

The silver band on Ethan’s ring finger fed speculations that he and actress girlfriend Tiffany Hsu had already registered their marriage. When asked about their wedding date, he promised that he would let everyone know if there is good news.

Bachelor Eddie jumped into the fray to save his buddy from the questioning: “I hope that we can get married at the same time, so his wedding won’t happen just yet.”

The two stars’ new movie will begin shooting in June. Eddie, who was turned into a ‘Muscle Man’ by last year’s Unbeatable, will have to go through rigorous training again, as director Dante Lam declared: “We’re planning to make their leg muscles the highlight!”

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Ethan Ruan

Ethan Ruan

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