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Ethan Ruan starts his own management company

The Taiwanese actor plans to start his own management firm as soon as his contract with Catwalk ends

Ethan Ruan

Ethan Ruan will be dabbling in some business of his own (artist management) when his contract with his current management company Catwalk ends.

The 30-year-old confirmed the news to Taiwanese media waiting outside his place and said that the company, named Tian Liang, is a co-investment with Taiwanese director Doze Niu and Taiwan filmmaker Lee Lieh.

Explaining the meaning behind his company’s name, Ethan said, “Because my nickname is Xiao Tian!”

Rumour has it that Hong Kong director Peter Chan will also be investing money in Ethan’s new company. However, Ethan clarified, “It’s not true, don’t speculate! When the time is right, I will release the details to the media.”

In related news, Ethan and his parents visited his girlfriend Tiffany Hsu’s place for the Lunar New Year recently.

Both families have already met each other previously and Ethan told the media, “We are all very close because Tiffany and I have been together for so long, so both families have known each other for a long time.”

However, the pair who has been in a stable relationship for five years said that they do not have plans for marriage yet. Ethan said, “We won’t be getting married soon. I’m still young!”


Ethan Ruan

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